Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Metal Memories: My First Concert Tee

Way back in 1989 I saw Ozzy.......

June 30, 1989 was the date of my first concert. Back then I wore band tees all the time, but I would never wear an actual concert shirt if I didn't attend it, I'm no poser......

This was my first real concert tee.

The lineup: Geezer Butler, Ozzy, Zakk Wylde and Randy Castillo. 

Tough to see but Darien Center,  NY is the 6th from the top left.

I've seen Ozzy so many times I couldn't even count em all. If he came to Buffalo, NY I went. He was always a good show but this was the one that started a long stretch of concert going.

The thing was......I always had to buy a tee. And I did. I bought a concert tee from every concert I ever attended, except one. Black Sabbath was supporting the Dehumanizer album at Shea's. They ran out of tees at that show and only had tees with no dates, sorry but that's not a concert tee. The one that never was ......

This show was also the reason I started playing bass. I was always interested in the bass before this concert but after seeing and hearing Geezer Butler live, I was hooked. I was third from the stage the whole time and the power coming through those amps made a huge impression. I was taking lessons soon after and playing garages in no time. 

The shirts were good memories of fun times. No cell phones with pics or someone recording the show and putting it on YouTube (Not that that isn't awesome !!!!). Had the tee to show I was there. And after browsing eBay for vintage tees, all of which did not survive the years, I could afford to retire. Or pay off school loans......

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