Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vintage 1975 Deka Star Trek Cup and Bowl Set !!!

This set brings back some serious memories for me.
This cup and bowl set was made by Deka Plastics circa 1975. Both the cup and bowl are marked "C 1975 Paramount Pictures Corporation". The cup is marked on the bottom "DEKA Elizabeth N.J. 14 269 Made in U.S.A."; the bowl is marked on the bottom "Deka Plastic Inc. Elizabeth New Jersey 07208 Made in U.S.A.".
The detail and art on these pieces are great. Well made, great likenesses and detailed art are the showcases of these beauties. The only question I have is why does Spock have a purple shirt ....

and Kirk have an orange shirt .....

For some time I thought it had to do with the Star Trek Animated series; I have seen some pictures of Kirk with a darker shirt but no purple Spock ....

My Grandmother bought these for me some time when I was really young and kept them at her house until she passed a few years back. They were in the same spot, in a cupboard above the fridge all those years. I can still picture them up there any time the cupboards were opened, and still remember using them as a kid. I always wondered why they were so detailed yet the colors were off. They were thrown away when my Mother cleaned out her house but I tracked down these samples to add to my collection. That's some of the fun about this addiction, reliving memories when you can track down a piece that spurs the memories. Its like taking a time machine back to when life was simple and a plastic cup and bowl can stay with you forever.
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  1. Agreed. You never know what will trigger a memory. It IS usually the simplest things.

  2. These are pretty neat and a nice memory for you that's for sure and I see my favorite character is included on there as well Dr. McCoy.

    1. And its a real good likeness too. Bones got the right shirt color too!

  3. Memory evoking items like these are priceless!