Tuesday, September 18, 2012

He-Man's arch rival Kobra Khan is NOT related to Chaka Khan but maybe Khan Noonien Singh...

Fresh back from a trip to Michigan, which BTW is a beautiful state and the people were soooo friendly, and the Mailman brings the loot that piled up while the mail was held for us. Guess who was waiting for me to uncover him.......Kobra Khan!!

I had this dude way back in the day but he didn't figure (pun intended) into He-Man play, he went straight into the fray of the AD&D wars that were taking place. I don't even know why I got him but I wound up liking Khan alot. He was usually a leader of the monsters or something to that effect but the best part was.....he spit water!! YES he was a miniature version of a hair spritzer but I liked it!!

You could pop off his head......

.....and fill him with water!! Id put food coloring into the water reservoir and he could spit different thing like acid or ice!!

Pretty good grouping!! I still have the touch :)

There are some drawbacks to having a removable head...
Areala: "Spitting is a dirty habit mister!"
Khan: "How bout I give you a dirty habit, ssSister!"
Areala: "Habit jokes....really......"

Oh well.....
I always envisioned Khan would retire as a unknown water color artist and live on a houseboat. I don't know why.........


  1. That is the only reason to have Khan. The spitting function!

    1. I was thinkin I could get him a spitoon and color his venom brown....he could Kobra "Skoal" Khan!!

  2. Hey where were you at in Michigan? That is my stomping ground you know. : )

    1. We were in Portage/Kalamazoo for three days. Great time! We were impressed by how friendly everyone we met was....it made the trip alot of fun. We were on a really tight schedule, we were going to a wedding, so we couldnt be tourists at all, next time we'll be able to take more in.

  3. It's amazing how Chaka Khan wound up in your post. I never had this guy but the spitting feature is cool.


    1. Most people probably think "KHHHAAAAANNNN!!!" when they hear of this figure but for some reason I think of the rap part of "I Feel for You."