Monday, November 25, 2013

The Day of the Doctor brings me the Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

We had a little party for the Day of the Doctor celebration and I added a new accessory for my costume. A new Sonic Screwdriver !!!

Based on David Tennant's Tenth Doctor version, its a sonic screwdriver and more ..... 
First off its packaged awesomely, beautiful display and card art. The backer describes what you are getting to a tee, heck it even comes with batteries !!

Doctor who sonic screwdriver tenth

Rip it out of the package and you get a thing of beauty ! Very good representation of the Tenth's screwdriver. The LED portion extends and retracts smoothly with as flick of the thumb. At 7 to 8 inches in length it is big enough to use as an actual prop yet small enough to whip in your jacket easily.

Yes its a Sonic Screwdriver but included are a ink pen and UV ink pen tip. The ink pen tip is neat but doesn't secure enough to write real well with it, in other words it falls off after a bit of use. The UV ink tip stays on tight and is a neat trick but I would have liked a secure ink pen tip to get some use out of it. As a accessory I'll probably just glue the ink tip on and hope it never leaks (I may remove the tip and ink for long term usage).

The slider is real slick. It slides and locks in easy, looking cool doing it. The activator for the sounds and light up feature are activated by two buttons that operate it from the extended or the retracted state. The change in position does not upset the function, perfect !!

The light up feature is the bomb ! Sounds just like the show version and lights up reasonably bright. It gets noticed pretty quickly by anyone whom you might be scanning ......

Need to open a door, unlock handcuffs, or build a cabinet ? Well ... this one wont help you much. The business end is nothing more that and blue LED, but as a prop for a wonderful Saturday afternoon of exiting television ? This one fits the bill !


  1. The black cap is a pain in the behind if you're playing around with it for any amount of time. Mine just sits next to it's cousins on the shelf: 11's and River's screwdrivers.

    1. I didnt have that much of a problem, but a little glue helped out :)