Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Vintage Metallica Backpatch I used to wear .......

I was one of THOSE kids.
I had the uniform: jeans, concert shirt, hightops, leather jacket, but most important:
             a jean jacket - sleeves cut off and frayed - with patches.
Of course all the patches were Heavy Metal bands.
Back then a GI Joe patch wouldn't have cut it. It was Slayer, King Diamond, Celtic Frost; although I would have loved to have a Joe patch .....
The most important patch was the backpatch. It was a giant billboard for your musical taste and let everyone know it.
Now, just about everyone had a Metallica patch. But this one is the one I wore:


I loved this patch. Because of my superior sewing skills this one rotated with Slayer, but I always came back to this one. Not being the typical fare that was found in my area, this patch was different. Image aside, which is beautiful, the colors and detail are striking. Only a Manowar patch would have supplanted this one which was unfortunately never available.

Back then you had to go to the Flea Market or a small retailer like "T-Shirts n Stuff" to find these. No eBay. This style of dress wasn't exactly marketed back then either .......


  1. Oh man i remember a lot of the guys in school used to wear these on there jackets. I always thought it would of been cool to have one of Ice-T for some reason lol.

    1. Dont think they had rap backpatches ..... but the Raiders hat I wore all the time fit the gansta scene ....

    2. Yeah i don't remember seeing any Rap ones i guess that is why i thought it would been cool to have one but why Ice-T i haven't a clue because i was more into Run-DMC, LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys than anything else.

    3. Ice-T was a hard ass rapper then, wouldve been a cool patch :)

    4. Did you ever see his cameo in the movie Breakin'? He plays a DJ in one of the scenes and oh boy he wasn't very hard ass in that bit i think lol.

    5. I never saw that but I did pull out my soundtrack to the movie Colors, his theme to the movie is f'n great !!!

  2. Of course after I finish with my wrestling clothes, playsets...I plan on doing vintage patches. Oh yeah! Gotta guy a clean denim jacket and let the insanity begin.