Saturday, November 30, 2013

Super Thomas the Transformer ??? or is he a combiner .....

OMG, the horror.

Yes, in a freakish, twisted universe where Thomas the Train is a Transformer, there exists this.....this .....toy.....


Indeed, Super Thomas is a Transformer, or a combiner if you please. Thomas, Percy (assuming its the green train) and since Thomas must be the red train because ITS HIS FACE on IT like all of them, there is some other dark blue unknown train, we'll call him Samoht.
The side of the package says "Collect them All." Does that mean there are more ? Are you to collect the three trains included in the package, therefore upon purchase collecting them all ?
This freakshow is packaged well. Sturdy, good graphics, displayed on the backer for a nice display. Wish some explanation was included, like why are there three Thomas' (or Red Thomas, Percy and Samoht). I guess it is just left up to your imagination, and that is what toys are meant to be for right ?!?!

The backer does a good job of explaining pictorially just how to assemble the "Super Thomas". Its not a really difficult process, unlike the current batch of actual Transformers which compare to solving a Rubik's cube.

There is a button. The sticker says "Try me". Go ahead punk, make my day.

First its Samoht; train with coal car transforms into an arm and a leg.

Thomas in a red guise, transforms into the torso and head (more on that later).

Next up, Percy (?); a train and coal car transforms into an arm and a leg.

The end product: this. On the surface, not awful.

The poseability (if you can call it that) is poor. The thing is so fragile that it will either break or fall apart if you move it a lot. Very clunky. No weapons.

The weirdest feature ? The robot head, just above Thomas' face. Does Thomas switch his conciseness into that head when transformed ? Or do the collective consciences of all three trains merge into this one robot head of conscience. Only in our imaginations....

And after all that I must admit to actually buying it. This toy is a wonderful conversation piece and didn't set me back much at all. Worth it to pan it in a review, priceless when I whip this guy out to take on my son's Prime Megatron :)


  1. So strange but so cool at the same time.

    1. Thats what I thought when I first saw it but after actually handling it, not so cool ....

  2. Where did you get this?
    Can I order online?
    I need to get one for my nephew for christmas. He loves thomas the train

    1. I got him off eBay, you might have to pay a bit being so close to Christmas. I got mine a while back pretty cheap.

  3. Odd find Michael,yet cool in a anime kind of way.I could see this guy in a Capcom fighting game.

    1. Yeah, its a wacky piece, would look cool as a boss at the end of a Thomas game .......

  4. This guy is actually pretty high on my want list.