Monday, December 23, 2013

It would not be Christmas without looking through Transformer product catalogs !!!

Yes, for a few years Transformers took my attention away from GI Joe. Really they were just a gateway between GI Joe and WWF LJN which would soon take over my entire attention. Anyway, I remember leading up to Christmas staring at this catalog thinking about which ones I wanted and how I could use them. I mean really, if you have new troops coming in you have to think ahead and have a plan for their insertion to the battle, right. Too much Sun Tzu too early ......
This was the first year that TF hit and I was caught in the excitement. There were cartoons, commercials and comics promoting them, how could I resist ?!?! These were the offerings .....


I got some big gifts that year which included Optimus, Megatron, a few others along with the one I really wanted: Soundwave. To this day I think he is the coolest TF. Even when I watch TF Prime now with my son, I dig Wave the most.

The funny thing is; it took forever for it to dawn on me that the back compartment were for his guns AKA batteries. I still remember figuring that out and thinking "that's so cool, why didn't I think of that a while ago?" I still need the guns for my Wave but I'll get there.

Here is an offer promo for "Reinforcements from Cybertron." A weird offering of cheap toys and a watch but worth checking out.

6 - 8 weeks for delivery !! Amazon can send it to me on a Drone !! My how times change ....

By the second year I was lukewarm to Transformers but still I wanted a few. Perceptor headed the list along with the Dinobots.

I did manage to get Perceptor, which is one of the coolest figures, along with Grimlock, Snarl and Swoop. The Aerialbots were a surprise pick up (and quite cool too), but the Formers were running out of steam for me. Dungeons and Dragons would soon get hold of me next along with heavy metal music.
It is nice to remember stuff like this. The memories of anticipation and excitement looking trough these catalogs are priceless.
Although my Megatron did not have an orange piece sticking out of the barrel when I got him. How in the world did I survive all these years playing with a toy like that !?! My God, a toy gun, along with all the cap guns and rifles I had .... it IS a wonder I survived :p
How times have changed ....


  1. I think I have said this before. I had three transformers in my day. They were too expensive and it took 10 minutes to change one from a car to a robot to fight the bad guy. Needless to say I got tired of the concept REALLY fast. I do however, have the first season on DVD.

    1. The cartoon and hype pushed me into them. Thats why it didnt last with me, they were clunky to play with and yeah, the price point was high.

  2. I love Transformers as a concept more than the actual toys. The cartoon was fun, but he robots figures were never articulated well enough for me. I think part of the problems was that I just didn't have any of the really cool ones as a kid.

    1. They were just clunky to play with. I also thought the cartoon and comic was more interesting than actual play. I just didnt see a need to transform a robot with guns to a car that could ...... run away ? GI Joe definately more play value !

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    1. Thank you sir, and Merry Christmas to you and yours :)