Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Its Wrasslin Wednesday with Classic Piper's Pit Footage - The Coconut Incident !

Its Wrasslin Wednesday !! While there has been a Blizzard up here in the Buffalo area, I've been warming my thoughts with classic WWF footage.
This is an absolute gem !!
A classic episode of Piper's Pit with Roddy attacking Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. This is Roddy Piper at his best, antagonizing the "Face" and enraging the fans.

Starting in 1984; this was a lead up to a relatively short, year long feud between the Hot Rod and the Superfly. Injuries to Mr. Snuka as well as the WWF's change of plans to get their top Heel after Hogan shortened what would have been a longer program, but this is a classic moment. This is an incident that became part of my familial lexicon for when my brothers attacked me, as well as a cool memory of when wrestling was great.

Roddy delivers the attack with the finesse and skill of an Oscar winner. Berating him mercilessly until physically attacking him in heinous fashion. Snuka plays the quiet victim before taking a coconut to the head as well as quite a whipping for his trouble.
Piper's Pit was the stage for the beginning of several "incidents" and is mostly due to the brilliance of Roddy Piper and his ability to deliver performances that have become some of the greatest of all time.
This is what is known as "Coconut" incident:

Snuka's career fizzled out after this feud with Piper in the WWF, but this moment made an impact in wrestling history as truly one of the greatest.


  1. Why is Pro Wrestling like this anymore? I used to love this stuff but now it's just a pale memory of what it was. Piper was right on his game and listen to that crowd you just don't get responses like that with stars they now.

    1. Piper is one of the greatest, and youre right, its not the same. I cant stomach the stuff thats on today. Ever since ECW (philadelphia) died, wrestling died with it.

  2. I really was going to do a Piper's pit custom playset but everyone had done one and it seemed redundant. Maybe still in the future. IT was the first and best!

    1. When I think of how innovative it was, its impressive. Instead of the canned promos, they could go live and add a ton of action to it. Having one of the best speakers in wrestling drive the ship helped to really make this successful, and he was able to get soooooo much heat from a live audience. It drove some of the biggest feuds of the day !