Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Matchbox Car Erasers !!

The memories of these guys !! Matchbox erasers !! Back in the 80's there were so many cool things to steer our attention from schoolwork. A pile of car shaped erasers in the Matchbox Car scale sure did the trick !!

I remember the weird stamping on the bottoms of these guys.

The next two look they were hand etched into the eraser after they were molded. 

I had tons of these things in school. WAY more fun racing these around than schoolwork :) Setting up roads and courses with our books and supplies. Taking pencils and making bullet hole divots in them when they got shot up .... what fun !
I remember airplanes and all sorts of different styles of erasers, and they never were used for erasing ! Why use these wonderful toy like pieces of art for the purpose they were designed for ?!?!
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