Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LJN Kamala WWF Wrestling Superstars

LJN released Kamala in it's fourth series of WWF Wrestling Superstars in 1987 and the toy world received one the best figures produced throughout this line !! Not only is he awesome !! Kamala is posed in one of the best ways to make him very versatile pulling off wrestling moves. He is one of the biggest figures of the line, in real life he is 6'7", so Kamala can be tested by the best of em!

He's huge and has paint apps all over ! Kamala certainly is one of the best looking figures in the Wrestling Superstars line.

Check out the Moon and Stars painted on his torso. Even his skirt has some detail.

Kamala even has his facial warpaint and beard ! LJN captured the realism with this guy !

Kamala was a fun figure to have ! A total wild card ! I would use him as a monster that would come in and destroy his opponents ! There was no handling him. Kamala would then turn civil and become a super technical wrestler that could vie for championships based on his skill ..... then freak out again ! You have to love a figure that can let you go all out while playing. If you had a Hogan, well, you had Hogan. But Kamala could be anything you wanted him to be. That's Fun !
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fisher Price Little People Mom and her Bratty Little Kid !!!

From the Fisher Price line of Little People, its the Mom and Frowning Boy !! These two were in just about every ones pile o' little people. Who didn't have some version of the Woman and pissed off looking kid ? I had a ton of these "Little People". I love their wooden bodies and simple design. It's a perfect toy for children to explore simple life among their plastic (and wooden) friends.

Look at the "Lil Boy". What a little bratty sourpuss !! His wooden body dates him to the early 70's. His frowning visage makes him look like he's ready to throw a fit. Look at the baseball cap ! Ohhh, that cap .... I used to chew on the brim of that cap back when chewing on toys was fun :)

Mom must have a secret to be able to keep smiling ! Her plastic body dates her to the 80's and her happy demeanor is infectious !

The Postman shows up with a BIG smile on his face, some say he always rings twice .....

The Little People are such wonderful toys ! I love these guys and am currently trying to hoard as many as I can. The town playset and Sesame Street ...... what memories. I loved playing with the dentist chair and there was even a toilet ! Toys that have a place to take a crap, that's fun !!
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Legends of the West Davy Crockett from Empire Toys Legendary Western Toys !!

Empire's Legends of the West was one of the all time great 3 3/4 Western Lines ever produced, and Davy Crockett is one of the best figures ! Empire Toys produced the Legends of the West line of figures in the late 70's. The 3 3/4 line was compatible with Legends of the Lone Ranger and the other Western toys out at the time. Empire toys produced these figures and a line of accessories to go along, but Excel and Imperial also produced them at various times. Anyone who had these figures knows that these figures and accessories are AWESOME!!
Davy Crockett adorned with his trademark coonskin hat, but he also carries a holstered pistol and 7 points of articulation ! The quality is OK for a figure produced 30 years ago but it is not up to today's standards. The body has a good bit of detail and the holster is very nice, but its the paint that lacks attention. The apps are a little off and can smudge easy. That being said the figure is robust enough to take on serious play and can be posed easily. The pistol, although very small, has a lot of detail and fits his hand very well.

Jesse James does not like sharing the spotlight ! Looks like he stole himself a black vest and is looking to show it off, but Davy is not backing down !!!

OH NO !! His twin brother and partner in crime is attacking from behind .... what a travesty !!

I love these figures. I dare say I had more fun with my pile of Legends and Lone Ranger figures than I did with all the Star Wars figures I had. Maybe its because the Star Wars figures already had built in roles and limited what I could do with them. The Legends of the West and Lone Ranger figures were very conducive to "out of the box" play. The lines diversity and numerous characters lent itself to long, involved adventures without many limits.

Man, I love this line ......

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GI Joe Puffy Sitckers !! C'mon Everyone Loves Puffy Stickers !!

GI Joe Puffy Stickers !! Check these beauties out !! Puffy stickers are awesome and these are right at the top !!!

Snake Eyes, Breaker and Clutch with the VAMP in action .... PUFFY STYLE !!!

The backer shows the other sets that were available !!!

Looks like I'll be tracking down some of these other sets !!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

GI Joe Lifeline, the Medic that needs a Dictionary !!

Lifeline; Version 1 from the GI Joe Real American Hero Fifth Series released in 1986. I was a Doc kid myself. By the time Lifeline was released I was thrashing my head to Slayer and was, well, into other stuff ....

Anyway, as I got back into collecting GI Joe I immediately took a liking to Lifeline. I always liked the Field Medic's role in Warfare. Fixing the wounded while all Hell is breaking loose around you. That's someone with nerves of steel !
In the Marvel Comics continuum; Special Missions # 4 and Action Force # 8 ; Lifeline was portrayed as a Pacifist that hates guns and uses his intellect. Someone should have shown him what Webster defines as a Pacifist .......

From Websters Online:

1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of pacifism or pacifists
2 : strongly and actively opposed to conflict and especially war  
Lifeline comes pretty well equipped to help his fallen comrades !!
The portable medical gear is really cool !

While I like Doc a lot, I see him as the Chief Medical Officer mostly in Surgery. Lifeline I see as the guy in the field sending the wounded back to base as they need help. Lifeline is well equipped and is carrying enough gear to be an asset in action.
Looks like Rock n Roll has a blown crotch !! Can Lifeline save the day ?!?!?!

You bet he can !

Mr. Steen makes a pretty cool action figure. Aside from the pacifist stuff, he looks like he would be a formidable force out there on the line. I could see him being a constant member inside the Tomahawk as it lands in hot spots picking up the force from battle !!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coleco made Colonel Trautman join the Force of Freedom !!

Based on the 80's cartoon; "Rambo: The Force of Freedom", Coleco made a series (two actually) of fully articulated 6 1/2" figures to celebrate what is mostly a lame and non violent show. Colonel Trautman was part of the release and he looks ready for action !!

Carrying a belt fed Heavy Machine gun and big freaking knife ! Yeah, he'll do some damage !

The gun has a real cool feature; there is a wheel on the backpack that "feeds" the belt through the gun !

The figures from this line are really impressive. Trautman is no exception. The detail in the molding and attention to facial features is exceptional.

The paint apps on his arms and chest are very well done.

The Colonel and his protege killer, Mr. John J. Rambo. Want some advice ? Just let them get a quick bite to eat and they'll leave your little town peacefully. We know what can happen when the former Green Beret gets hungry !!

This line is exceptional and I wish I knew about them when I was a kid. I am enjoying these guys a little late but the damage I would have done with Rambo and Trautman as a Warmongering little toy addict would have been epic !

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Koko B. Ware Wrestling Superstar from LJN WWF Series 4

Koko B. Ware. I'll let that sink in ..... Yes, Koko B. Ware. The Birdman himself and his pet Macaw named Frankie. LJN released Mr. Ware with the the fourth series of Wrestling Superstars in 1987. All things considered, the man who would eventually become the "Jobber to the Stars" is immortalized pretty nicely as an 8" rubber action figure.
Overall, the figure is great ! Great paint, lots of detail on his jacket, and posed so that you could pull off a lot of different wrestling moves.

Check out Frankie ! An accessory that got a lot of attention and paint !!

Frankie can perch on Koko's finger ! Lots of style ! He looks great !

Even the sides of his tights got a paint app ! How's that for detail !

Koko B. Ware got a big push when he first debuted in the WWF. Instantly I liked his high flying moves and style. His gimmick is kinda lame but back then in the WWF, all of them were. I couldn't wait to get this figure when he came out and I used him constantly. Yes, Koko wound up jobbing a lot, but in my Tag Team ranks he usually found a place. I teamed him up and pushed his team to Tag Team Title status many a time. C'mon, with a flashy jacket and moves like his he is bound to get a lot of attention. I left Frankie in the accessory box where he belonged ........
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Friday, February 8, 2013

The short lived Star Trek Next Generation Galoob Picard before he became a Playmate

Galoob was the first toy company to have the Star Trek Next Generation licence and released the TNG characters in plastic for the first time. Unfortunately, they seemed a bit stodgy. Captain Jean Luc Picard's figure is no exception.

Maybe its the card. I mean, it looks good. Cool picture of the Enterprise. It just gives off a "boring figure" vibe. I cant put my finger on it. Maybe its the color palette, maybe the picture of Picard, or the fact that the bubble looks like a coffin. I don't really know but I don't feel its display value.

The figure itself is nice. The face is spot on and the detail is exceptional. The uniform is a perfect likeness. The figure does look like he should be a Tin Soldier rather than an action figure.

The problem ? He's got a "dustbuster" phaser molded in his hand and the other is a fist. Definitely an "action" figure ! I do give points for the knee articulation. Not much else you could do with him, even though he comes with a strapped tricorder, there's no way he can use it.

Picard looks good on my wall, but I cant get too much into him. Galoob only lasted for two series as the ST:TNG toymaker before Playmates took over. Maybe Galoob captured the dull feel the first two seasons had a little too well. Anyway, I'm glad Playmates got a chance to put out their versions cause this one falls a bit flat.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

You can take a bath with Darth Vader but it wil be a bit uncomfortable ....

In the early 80's, the Lucas/Star Wars merchandising machine was in FULL force. Omni Cosmetics was licensed to produce Bubble Bath and Shampoo in containers featuring the likenesses of the Star Wars characters. Of course, Darth Vader was one of the characters produced ....
The bottle is really detailed for a bubble bath bottle that was meant to be thrown away. The head is sculpted to a really close likeness of the Lord of the Sith. The problem is, he looks like he is freezing and has to pee !! Now, I know that his built in waste collection system takes care of that, but ....
Look at the way Vader had his cape pulled tight with his arms over his stomach. His legs are locked together. He looks like a woman at a rainy bus stop !

"Losers ahead"
Remember BTAS ??
Well, I can't complain too much. Its a bubble bath/shampoo bottle for God's sake. My little collection of bottles (Thanks Goodwill) looks nice on a shelf and I keep heat up for the Old Sith Lord.
I just turn Princess Leia around, Click Here to see why !!
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Superman Power Records Book and Record Set from 1976 !!

Power Records made a collection of Book and Records sets, and in 1976, they made DC Comics Superman !! The Man of Steel had two adventures entitled "The Best Cop in the World" and "Tomorrow the World".
I received this as a birthday gift when I was 4 or 5 and played the HELL out of it on my Lone Ranger carry case / record player. The art throughout the book is fantastic ! The stories are perfect for a kid to follow. The storytelling and sound effects on the LP are great ! I love the way Superman sounds when he is landing and taking off !!

The inside cover; where the drawings of the other album covers were .... I remember staring at them wondering what their stories were. Star Trek with Conan attacking Kirk on the Transporter pad ! Batman with a Gorilla and Sherlock Holmes ! The Six Million Dollar Man with all kinds of battle damage ! Those pictures kept me dreaming !!

The first story; "The Best Cop in the World".
Ron Za, a cop from the miniature Kryptonian city of Kandor, follows Superman to Earth to take over Superman's job.

It doesn't work out too well as Ron Za is caught in a Quasar Beam trap, deep in a junkyard. He almost perishes but the Man of Steel swoops in to save the day !!

The second story; "Tomorrow the World", has Superman being set up by Lex Luthor into becoming a madman when he rests. Superman defeats his enemy but there is more ....

The climax is great, as Superman figures out that Luthor is masquerading as President Fairlane and melts his mask off !!

These are the memories ! Being a bit young to really be able to read comics well, the record and book set not only brought the stories to life, but by reading along, helped to teach me to read better. Ever since I was really young, I loved reading. This was one of my first steps into the joy of reading that would last for the rest of my life !
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