Thursday, May 31, 2012

Iron Man 3 Villian Pictures !!! Iron Patriot !!

Iron Man's new nemesis in Iron Man 3 looks to be some version of the Iron Patriot!! Looks like Mr. Stark will have a new armored menace to face !!

Iron Man 3 villian Iron Patriot

I really dug the last two movies and these pictures are getting me stoked for the next !! Head over to for their report. Yahoo's speculation is that he'll be "Eric Savin, one of the villains of "Iron Man 3." In the comics, Savin is a soldier who is gravely injured in a land mine explosion and reanimated as a cyborg called Coldblood-7. It looks like the movie merges his character from the books with the Iron Patriot armor (which was worn by Spider-Man's nemesis Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin)."

Pretty cool! The whole Marvel movie cast of characters is really very interesting and Iron Man is turning into a pretty good movie franchise!
Iron Man 3 villian Iron Patriot

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I HAD to post this !!! I found it on Pinterest and WOW is this cool!! A FRIKIN STAR WARS DEATH STAR FIRE PIT !!! I will have to have this! How cool would this be with flames bursting out of it!! Maybe some sparklers and a few bottle rockets firing out ! !

All I know is I know some master welders and I may have to have this made !!! W O W !

Monday, May 28, 2012

1989 Kenner Starting Lineup Howie Long Rules!!!!

Now, I'm a big Buffalo Bills fan being from Buffalo and all but..... Howie Long Rules !! In 1989, Kenner's Starting Lineup made the best figure they would ever produce. This is Howie Long in his white jersey and awesome as ever!!

1989 starting lineup slu howie long

This figure has extraordinary detail !!

1989 starting lineup slu howie long

In case you forgot who it was !!

1989 starting lineup slu howie long

Starting Lineup really did a good job creating this figure :)

1989 starting lineup slu howie long

They should have a bronze bust of this sculpt up at the Hall of Fame !!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Millennium Falcon BASS GUITAR !! STAR WARS !! OMG !!!

WOW !! A Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bass !!! As a Bass Player I have to say this may be the coolest thing I have ever seen !!

I lifted this from Facebook but has a great review !! THIS IS TOO FRIKIN COOL !!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cobra Viper !! The coolest grunt figure since the Stormtrooper !!

In 1986, Hasbro produced arguably the best "faceless" grunt troop since the Stormtrooper. GI Joe's Cobra Viper is AWESOME!! C'mon...who wouldn't want one?

No.......what about 2?

 C'mon ....... 3?

.............4 ?

Scaarrry!! But it just takes one to get ya !!!!

This figure is just cool ! Awesome look! Cool accessories ! Whats not to like!?!?

I always liked this figure. I was getting out of Joes when he was released but I do remember trying to get one, but never did 'til later as an adult. I remember having like 10 Stormtroopers as a kid and that how I feel about this guy! There's something appealing about this figure that I just want a bunch and have them rip the Joes apart !!

I just think I'll keep buying them up until I have a small army !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This weeks assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers !!!!

This weeks assignment for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers:

Take a peek at a fictional character’s social media account. What would his or her Twitter feed or Facebook page look like?

Here's a few...

Check out the rest of league @coolandcollected

See how Eternia thinks at lifewithfandom !!
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Big Banana tweeter over at coolandcollected !!
Hope you dont scare easy here Crimson-Head !!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An apology to all who have commented on this Blog....

In a "Oh F***!" moment where I thought I was simply cleaning out the comments in my cue not in THE ENTIRE BLOG!!!!!! I have accidentally erased all the comments. I apologize to anyone who has commented, I truly love the interaction and appreciate it alot ! Please do not take it as a sign that I do not want comments, truly...that's why I am doing this. I am relatively PO'd about it but.... I will take it as one of those "I'm New" moments and learn not to delete ANYTHING AGAIN :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Picard want you !! to go to Sodor !!

My son watches alot of different things and Thomas in the background today just inspired this :)

ITS MEGATRON !!!!!! Decepticon Transformer leader !!

I don't know about you, but I had alot of Transformers back in the day.....but they weren't my favorites. I really didn't get why they would transform out of their robot form. Yeah I know hide, but on Cybertron they were all robots and if you saw a vehicle ...well...IT WAS A ROBOT IN DISGUISE!! THEY WERE ALL ROBOTS !! I know its my issue to deal with, but as always my favorite was a villian .... MEGATRON! He is cool as heck and I could use him as a gun in other play. Anyway that brings me to this. I stumbled onto these mini  Robot Heroes and I immediately gravitated to them. Its his robot form and that all I really want anyway!!

Enough of me blah blah's MEGATRON!

I got a bunch of em and will be posting them randomly but ole' Megs here is pretty cool

A lot of detail in them, but not much articulation, but its a mini PVC figure so you cant expect much and he looks so happy !!

"And I'm staring down the barrel of a Fusion Cannon..." at least that's how I think Shinedown should have sung it!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons WARDUKE TSR ...ITS WARDUKE !!!!

This time around its an ICONIC figure from an under appreciated line. In 1983 TSR produced for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line of figures....WARDUKE!!!!

This figure RULES!!

One look into that helmets Red Glare invited paralysing FEAR!!

How many other figures fell to this Warriors steel blade cannot be determined.

If you had these figures you probably had a Warduke. He was pretty easy to get compared to the rest of the line but he oozes coolness. This entire line is FRIKIN AWESOME!! I was a D&D player and the fact that there were figures to go along was great.....but the fact that they are some the greatest figures ever produced was the reason that I played the heck out these and had almost all of em....even the chase ones, which for some reason the CVS at the COMO Mall would always seem to magically stock....almost like a magical force was behind it !! Across from CVS was the Waldenbooks I would buy my modules from. Hmmmm.........

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Earthshaker Pinball and Capcom Bowling !!

Went to the Pizza Factory in West Seneca today and inspired by my fellow Bloggers's recent posts, I took some pics of :


and Capcom Bowling!!

I love these old games!! One day I'll move the exercise equipment out of the basement, then take it to Goodwill where it belongs and set up an arcade down there. A bar, Toy Museum and a Game room. Perfect!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ECW Shane Douglas "The Franchise" !! OSFTM

Back in the day there was a small wrestling enterprise that grew out of the heart of Philadelphia. Extreme Championship Wrestling, ECW, turned the wrestling world on its ear, put Hardcore in the lexicon for wrestling Geeks worldwide !! The revolution was led by this man - "The Franchise" Shane Douglas.

ECW was founded in 1992, but the extreme movement was founded in 1994 when Shane Douglas threw down the NWA title in "The Night the Line was Crossed" and proclaimed himself the ECW World Heavyweight Champion !! For me, ECW was it. Even trekked out to ECW arena in the bowels of Philly in the mid 90s for a wrestlecon, but I got to meet this Guy :

Sorry for the bad picture but I haven't had the film turned digital yet:(

Old San Francisco Toy Company had the rights to produce action figures for ECW and we got :


These are some well made and articulate figures!
Some good detail on his Triple Threat tattoo:

Holds the belt over his shoulder like all the cool champions do!

If your an old school wrestling fan or even a new one....go back and relive this historic time in wrestling history. ECW was epic ! The innovators of all that has been seen in wrestling for the last 20 years ! Even though wrestling for me now is unwatchable (except for Lucha or Japanese), I proudly state that ECW is above the curve still today. The figures that were produced to go along are a great artifact of a great time in wrestling history !

Thanks for the Memories Mr. Douglas !! ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers weekly Assignment: Confessions !!!

This weeks topic for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers :

What is something you absolutely hate or love or just don’t get, or maybe it’s something you have never even seen or read. What is your deepest, darkest geek confession?


Most Geeks can talk about Gaming. Call of Duty. Assassins Creed. Whatever else...

I have never played any of them.

I've got a PSP for playing madden (but finished Dungeons and Dragons Tactics - AWESOME GAME). After that, it's a C64 and a SNES player.

And BTW....I'm only interested with the Madden offseason so I can trade and build a team. Playing...meh......

I don't know what I'm missing but..... shooter games? I can go shoot my guns!
Guitar Hero? I'll pull out my Rickenbacker and play Rush!
Racing games? Hop into my Jeep Renegade and hit the trails!

Sorry if I offend. I don't mean to. I just don't get the fun.

Put in Archon! Tapper! M.U.L.E! (All time favorite) or go to an arcade for Star Trek TNG pinball!! Bubble Hockey! or Pull out a board game....Risk! Monopoly! Axis and Allies! PANDEMIC!!.....
Dungeon Delve anyone ??

and I liked the ending to LOST......

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Its Pocket Super Heroes Batman nanananannananana!!

In 1979 and 80 Mego produced 3 3/4 versions of everybody's favorite superheroes! Batman was one of the first and WHO didn't have this guy ?!?!

This was a great way to have Batman swoop down, kick Vader in the colostomy bag and run off with Scarlett !! When toy manufacturers started to adopt the 3 3/4 size it was great could you could crossover some of your favorite characters !!

This Batman has a really interesting feature....

 HIS HEAD IS REMOVABLE !! That'll freak out the badguys !!

The best thing is that as a young growing boy he made me feel comfortable with myself...

If Batman could live with that.....unfortunate pose.....well....I could deal with anything :)

OK, don't have to flaunt it !!