Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hasbro's Ric Flair with Flair Snare !!

Ric Flair.......Stylin and Profilin!!!!!!!!
In 1993, Hasbro' Series 6 produced not just an action figure....but an icon to all wrestling fans worldwide!!!
The Greatest Professional Wrestler to walk this planet captured in plastic!

Now I know the look on his face makes him look a bit insane, but this is one hell of a figure. Very detailed and well done. I absolutely LOVE the LJN wrestlers and had to settle for my own customized version of Flair back in the day. Flair didn't make it to the WWF til 1991 and the Big Rubber Wrestlers were but a memory by then....but at least we got this guy!
Oh, and yes, Ric Flair was my idol growing up. He is the Greatest Wrestler of all time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dreadnok Buzzer: What happens when school loan debt gets out of hand !

Dick Blinken, Richard Blinken-Smythe according to his file card, was once a Sociology Don at Cambridge. Who knew he'd wind up as a member of the Dreadnoks!

Sporting a diamond toothed Chainsaw, He became Buzzer!

This is one of the most detailed Joes put out. A backpack with a gas can, buzzsaw and a bladed flail are his accessories.....

Uhhh....did I say a Gas Can Backpack......maybe he should have taken an Engineering class or two..... hopefully its just full of Grape soda!!

I remember when the Noks were introduced in the Marvel comics. I loved em immediately. I quickly customized three joes into Buzzer, Ripper and Torch! I cannot remember who I used for Buzzer but I remember cutting off the end of Rock n Roll's M-60 to make the chainsaw......take a breath I'm sure I used one of the replacement guns! Anyway, all three of the Dreadnoks are cool as hell but cannot to this day figure out why Hasbro never put out a motorcycle set for them. I had to use the RAM, the Adventure People bike and Ponch's motorcycle. Well....I guess I improvised better than they could have produced :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Remco has a Secret......Secret of the NINJA!!!!!

What???......Kobra Khan from from a previous post (click here) careful.....there are NINJA about!!!!

I warned him.....
Tread carefully around Ninja!!

In 1984, Remco, the AWESOME toy maker, put out the Secret of the Ninja line in response to the Ninjamania that captured America at the time. I had no idea these guys existed back then but thanks to John over at revengefromthecosmicark and his love of Remcos, I started trollin Ebay and came across this guy!! Picked him up for a reasonable price but alas no card :( Anyway as far as I can tell he is just a basic Ninja figure but just unbelievably awesome! I cannot for the life of me figure (pun intended) out why some figures slipped off my radar as a kid cause this line of Ninjas is the F'n bomb! Lets check em out....


Unmasked reveals an incredibly details visage!

This guy comes with removable mask and Ninjato.....
what the heck is Khan thinking now!??!?

Ninja are dangerous even without their weapons!!!!

For a figure that has a "Battlematic Action" he is pretty posable.

The usual lever in the back moves the sword up and down slicing opponents in half!!

Typical of Remco's of that era, the detail is exceptional!

I'm glad I came across this guy, cause the whole line looks like something worth collecting and researching. There seems to be about 10 or so figures in the line with several variants. Its pretty amazing that now pushing 40 I can find toys that I missed out on and collect em after the fact!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rock n Roll with GI JOE Straight Arm style !!

Ahhhhh.... one of the originals!! Rock n Roll is from the first run of Hasbro's GI Joe line in 1982. Now, I am a big fan of the swivel arm battle grip. It made holding their guns easier and posing them in battle alot more realistic......but I have a thing for these straight arm guys. I got the whole run of '82 GI Joes before my birthday that year and they were all straight arms. Of course a couple thumbs broke so I replaced them with swivel arms cause, as a kid, the more articulation the better. But now whenever I see the straight arm versions it just takes me back to the good Ole days....

Here is Rock n Roll!!

These arms don't swivel!!

Rock n Roll looks kick ass draped in ammo belts and wielding the awesome M-60!!!

This is by far one of the coolest Joes made. Back then, the M-60 was the big time machine gun. You could have Rock n Roll lay down suppression fire for his comrades and make Cobra run for the hills! A point of fact though, you can see why the swivel arms would improve this guy. The length of the M-60 makes it difficult to position with the straight arms. I used to overcome that by having him lay the gun on something and use the pivot on the front of the barrel (which I have misplaced and cannot find!) to steady the gun. I never replaced him with swivel arms as his arm construction, ie. thumbs, seemed indestructible!!
Either way this is a kick ass figure !!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

He-Man's arch rival Kobra Khan is NOT related to Chaka Khan but maybe Khan Noonien Singh...

Fresh back from a trip to Michigan, which BTW is a beautiful state and the people were soooo friendly, and the Mailman brings the loot that piled up while the mail was held for us. Guess who was waiting for me to uncover him.......Kobra Khan!!

I had this dude way back in the day but he didn't figure (pun intended) into He-Man play, he went straight into the fray of the AD&D wars that were taking place. I don't even know why I got him but I wound up liking Khan alot. He was usually a leader of the monsters or something to that effect but the best part was.....he spit water!! YES he was a miniature version of a hair spritzer but I liked it!!

You could pop off his head......

.....and fill him with water!! Id put food coloring into the water reservoir and he could spit different thing like acid or ice!!

Pretty good grouping!! I still have the touch :)

There are some drawbacks to having a removable head...
Areala: "Spitting is a dirty habit mister!"
Khan: "How bout I give you a dirty habit, ssSister!"
Areala: "Habit jokes....really......"

Oh well.....
I always envisioned Khan would retire as a unknown water color artist and live on a houseboat. I don't know why.........

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Action Force SAS Commando.....who knew?

One day I was playing with my Joes in my room. My Mom walked in and gave me a box of toys that her friend had left over from a garage sale. A small box; some random Star Wars, Six Million Dollar Man, and other miscellaneous stuff....just random pieces......

and this guy. 

The Action Force, SAS Commando, apparently named Beaver (just found that out). I didn't know his name or anything, I just thought....HOLY CRAP IS THIS GUY COOL!! Ya see, I quickly noticed that, clad in black, he looked like a frikin silent killing machine.....and that's how I used him. I got a bit jaded with Snake Eyes being a bit overexposed so this guy became my silent, one man hit squad. He'd go in to hot spots first and clear out the guard or set up a sniper location. Expert in all forms of hand to hand combat as well as the use of any weapon ever made. His extremely high IQ made him able to adapt to any situation and be able to quickly achieve his objective. I didn't even name him. It was all classified. Hawk would just review a mission and if it was particularly difficult, he'd turn to Breaker and say "Call Him In."

He also came with the One Man Boat pictured below. I don't have that anymore, but most of the time that was how he'd make his entry into a hot spot. I missed this guy and just recently tracked him down and will have to snag the boat eventually. Its funny how this figure was just a random leftover given to me. I had no idea that Action Force was a big toy line with a story and all that (I do now and am really contemplating getting into these guys), but I took a shine to him and made up an entire persona and role for him into my play. Its great that a child's imagination can create memories that follow him into adulthood.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vintage Burger King Star Wars Premium Glasses

Back in the day, if you went to Burger King when one of the Original Star Wars movies were premiering, you could snag one of the many collectible glasses that were offered at the time.
My family had a pile of these but, as what usually happens, many of them broke over the course of  years of kids knocking them over, washing them and treating them like they are just glasses instead of pieces of art!
I only have these two left but they are fine examples of the kind of premium you could get back then.