Saturday, May 12, 2012

Its Pocket Super Heroes Batman nanananannananana!!

In 1979 and 80 Mego produced 3 3/4 versions of everybody's favorite superheroes! Batman was one of the first and WHO didn't have this guy ?!?!

This was a great way to have Batman swoop down, kick Vader in the colostomy bag and run off with Scarlett !! When toy manufacturers started to adopt the 3 3/4 size it was great could you could crossover some of your favorite characters !!

This Batman has a really interesting feature....

 HIS HEAD IS REMOVABLE !! That'll freak out the badguys !!

The best thing is that as a young growing boy he made me feel comfortable with myself...

If Batman could live with that.....unfortunate pose.....well....I could deal with anything :)

OK, don't have to flaunt it !!

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