Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Fisher Price Mailman is Little People but Good People

From the Fisher Price line of Little People, it's The Mailman !!! I had a ton of these "Little People". I love their wooden bodies and simple design. It's a perfect toy for children to explore simple life among their plastic (and wooden) friends.
The Mailman was always a favorite. Driving the Mail truck around, delivering the goods,  a responsible and valuable part of the Little People community.
Great, now I have "Delivering the Goods" by Judas Priest in my head, but the version where Sebastian Bach and Rob Halford sung it live on MTV..... cool ......
The Little People have alot of variants from the different designs over the line's life and the eventual plastic bodies, but the "Peggish" style of body and happy demeanor is just so simple and nice.
The Mailman drives around town.....

He's got some junk in his trunk (Junk Mail that is).......

.....and he's so happy when he has to "Ring Twice" !

Some letters to the various occupants of the Little People world and his trusty Mail Truck ! I'm missing two letters and the Mail Box but they'll come along eventually....

He delivers a package to the Little People housewives all day long !!

I'm really getting into these Little People now. Fisher Price was a great spring board into the mature toys like Star Wars and GI Joe. You could stay innocent and play with nice figures before you get to the Warmongering and violence that is the rest of action figure landscape (not that I have a problem with that). I do remember "figuring" out the world around me through these toys. Learning the various types of people there are and the simple occupations that they provided. It gave me a understanding of what went on in the world around me (You're hearing the Narrator from the Wonder Years now aren't you). This guy was just a simple guy driving around town, delivering the mail as I have seen my own mailman do throughout my childhood. That gave me an insight into what life was like before I got hardcore into GI Joe.
Then I got a red marker, an exacto knife, and the Little People became cannon fodder for the War Machine.
Ahhh....youth :)