Monday, November 12, 2012

I gave WARDUKE a 9.6 as Guest Reviewer at FGS!

I was asked to be a Guest Reviewer of Vintage Toys at Florida Geek Scene and to get my feet wet I went with one of the best figures I could possibly start with: Warduke from the 1983 LJN Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line.

Read my review here: Vintage Review WARDUKE

I gave Warduke a 9.6, but he's a 10 in almost everybody's eyes.

I reviewed him before here: ITS WARDUKE !!!!

and don't forget his saga with the Black Knight of the Dragonriders of the Styx Here:

Part 1: The Black Knight

Part 2: Warduke vs The Black Knight

Part 3: Warduke: A Retrospective


  1. I forget....How tall is he? Taller than a Star Wars figure right?

    1. 4 inches....taller than most SW figs but on par with Vader and Chewie.

  2. Warduke! One of my favorites Mike.