Tuesday, November 27, 2012

POTF Anakin Skywalker : old man in a robe

Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader before, or after the suit. Now I understand he was a mail away, then part of the mythical POTF line but......
Seriously, its like someones Dad in a robe....

Cool, "weeeee" action......

Wheres a hug for Grandpa.....
On the right, awesomeness. On the left, his robe wearing butler.

"Back in the Old Republic.."
Vader strikes a menacing pose. Anakin looks like he needs a diaper change.

I know I'm beating this guy up a bit but C'MON...... a ghost with no accessories. Woo hoo. He doesn't even look like a ghost. He doesn't even exist anymore ! They couldn't have made a Moff Tarkin figure.....nope they made this. Wedge.....naw, make a figure representing a ghost that appears on screen for 5 seconds.
Kenner could have made a Lando in Han's clothes figure....... Now that would have been cool !!


  1. I never had this guy originally. I was sort of out of Star Wars by the time Jedi rolled around.

    1. So was I so that's probably the reason for my view on him. I got him later as a collector and am underwhelmed, he's pretty blah...

  2. Pretty un-exciting figure i suppose but one that needed to be made for the fans.

    1. Until Lucas decided to take him out of the movie......

  3. He's kinda creepy. Never had him never will.