Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Christmas Tree is not complete without the Star Wars and Star Trek Hallmark Ornaments ...

The tree goes up on Thanksgiving weekend and it is not complete without the Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments.
First up is the Darth Vader Light and Voice from 1997. This is the best ! Its the first ornament my wife and I bought after being married (we buy one new one every year with a theme for that year). This one is great as whenever it turns on it "talks".... I love every time we turn on the tree and hear:
"The force is with you young Skywalker...but you are not a Jedi yet."


Of course the Star Wars theme continued and in 2005 we bought another Vader ornament. The Darth Vader from the Empire Strikes Back - "I am Your Father" ornament. You gotta press the button for the "voice" action but it looks damn cool on the tree. Press him and you hear:
"Luke, I am your father."
"Join me. Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son."
Next is one I had from my own collection. I am a huge fan of STTNG and back when it was on I was way into it. When this one came out I HAD to have it ! The STTNG USS Enterprise with lights. Plug this one into a light on the tree and the Warp Cells light up and the light blinks on the top. This looks so frikin cool on the tree and I always manage to put it front and center.
Gotta dig the "Stardated 1993" :)
I do all the heavy lifting putting up the tree and the Wife does the decorating. I always manage to get to these ornaments first and command the best spots for em. What Geek wouldn't "figure" out a way to get some Sci Fi bling on the tree. I'm still working on the Death Star revolving around the Star at the top of the tree but, that will take a while....


  1. Wow....Lovin it! I haven't celebrated christmas for around 20 years. I gotta get on that one day.

  2. Cool Mike! My wife buys me Elvis ones and i get her Snoopy ones every few years.

    1. ELVIS !! I'm a fan myself....and a hunk of burning love !