Friday, November 2, 2012

Is it Voltron or is it Lionbot...who cares, its cool!!!

The Voltron five lion set was a BIG deal back in the day. Who didn't want this set!! I never got it but thanks to a great friend who found this in an attic and gave it to me, I finally own a Voltron Lion Set!!
Now, your saying "Its Lionbot."
and you'd be right except that it's really frikin cool and when out of the box, unless you are some sort of Voltron connoisseur, you'd be impressed.
No date on the box, but it was made in Taiwan. Obviously any trademarked Voltron references are not mentioned like the Blazing Sword being called King Sword. The little stuff like that does not detract from the figure at all.

Yes, this is about as minty as you ll get.

Everything still packed exactly where it should be.

Every accessory barely played with, most missiles still in the original tree!

The Lions themselves are nice. Mostly made of metal with plastic mixed in. Very detailed and the paint apps are pretty impressive for the vintage.

Red and Green lions. Heads shoot off like the cartoon. The sturdiest of the set.

Blue and Yellow lion. Bigger, very poseable and have alot of attachments that can shoot missiles from the heads and back. More plastic than the smaller lions but still great pieces.

Finally, the Black Lion. Big. Clunky. Does not look great.

 I get it...its the body and has to be designed like this, but is FAT! On its own you cant do much with this lion.

Put them together and viola............

Got yourself a Voltron!!

Gotta admit, this figure is way more poseable than I expected. The arms are maneuverable enough to put Voltron into a number of positions.

Back in 1980 it cost $59.99, that's $161.18 adjusted for inflation today.

First off, I have to express my deepest Thanks to my friend Jim for giving me this. I mean, holy shit thats damn nice!!
Secondly, my wife is a HUGE Voltron fan and was actually playing with it as I was taking these pictures.....that's cool!
My review?
This is a heck of a display piece. Put together it looks impressive. Packaging is beautiful and the accessories are spring action choking hazards that can poke your eye out!!  :) a toy, kinda glad I didn't get this guy. I'd have broken him in about 2 seconds. Voltron put together looks cool but is limited. The lion legs are made of plastic and I can see them snapping. There are a ton of small pieces that would get lost and it just is not a toy that would stand up to extended play. As a display piece though, this is great. It has alot of detail and its Voltron !!


  1. Am not a Voltron fan to be honest but i love this! Mostly because of the box and the fact it is the Taiwan release which makes it much more interesting to me.

    1. It's pretty cool. It's like a Time capsule from 1980! It also goes to Show you that there still are treasures hidden out there!

  2. I only had the green one. Didn't last long. But that whole set looks great.


    1. Its nice for display but I could tell it wouldn't last long. Too much for a kid to break, and there is a lot of metal to it.

  3. I liked the show as a kid....That is about it though. Wish I had it on DVD.

    1. The American version is the same thing over and over. Get the GOLion Japaneese version. Its subtitled in case you dont speak Japaneese and has alot more story, violence and action in it.

  4. Was looking up something and came across this post. Just for clarity's sake, Lionbot was a knockoff of the original GoLion toy, and predated the US Voltron by a number of years.

    1. Cool, thanks for commenting ! I didn't know that, I thought it was a knockoff of the US version, good trivia, thanks !

  5. I got this set for Christmas as a kid. I would say, 1984.

  6. The Taiwanese company that produced Lionbot is still making them! The packaging and everything is exactly the same as it was back then. You can get them for $99 brand new on EBay, shipped direct from Taipei.