Monday, December 17, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons Companion Rules Set 3 from TSR

Published in 1984, the "Dungeons and Dragons Companion Rules" is the third set in the series of boxed sets published by TSR as a expansion to the "Red Box" Basic Set of Rules.

The Player's Companion rulebook covers characters levels 15 - 25. It introduces new weapons, armor and equipment for higher characters. The usual upgrades to spells and abilities are covered, but the characters are now able to build strongholds. The cost, management and purpose are covered inside.

The DM Companion book expands on the rules for running higher level campaigns and lays out the guidelines for Feudal Systems, allowing characters to run their domain. They can run Tournaments and have all the worries that homeowners have to deal with ....... 


I'm not gonna show pages of text, but here is some great art from the manuals:
Players approaching the higher levels in the Basic game play should probably be exploring AD&D by now. I mean, who didn't want to explore those Hardcover books and all the rules ? Myself, I never went further with the Basic rules than Expert before AD&D took my attention, but maybe some of you out there kept on. Either way, these boxed sets are cool looking and great reads. I'm always impressed by the art and thoughtfulness of the books. Exploring these sets is a lot of fun and reading them as an adult is quite a learning experience !
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  1. Wow....I wanna start collecting the Dungeons books one day.

  2. It gets pricey but it is a lot of fun !

  3. Replies
    1. Even though I was gravitating to ad&d I still wound up getting the boxed sets. They're pretty cool to have now.