Sunday, January 13, 2013

Custom WWF LJN ECW Sabu Wrestling Superstars

I was, and still am a huge fan of the WWF Wrestling Superstars produced by LJN, produced from 1984 to 1989. The 8 inch rubber figures were so much fun to play with and eventually I started customizing them. When I was a kid I started off making NWA stars that I wanted to incorporate and then when I got older I wanted to make ECW stars. Here is one of my later creations; SABU !

I made him from a Jake the Snake figure, glued his hand in Sabu's famous pointing to the heavens pose, a gesture he does as a tribute to his uncle The Sheik.

Considering Sabu is one of the most Hardcore wrestlers ever, his body is quite scarred from the battles he has been through, and I tried to capture that somewhat in the figure.
It wouldn't be Sabu without the baggy tights ! I used sculpting clay to mold them and painted according to one of his color schemes he has worn.

If you are not aware of Sabu's career and style, LOOK HIM UP ! He is truly one of the greatest Professional Wrestlers to EVER lace up boots. I was blessed to see him perform live at the 1996 ECW Wrestlecon in Philadelphia at the ECW arena. His performance was thoroughly impressive and did not disappoint anyone that was witness. Every match I have seen him perform in, from ECW to FMW, is an awe inspiring thrill.
I still need to make his headgear, which I may make time for now that I've unboxed my LJN collection and am making plans for their display. I hope my attempt at creating an homage to Sabu does justice to his superior ring skill and talent !