Friday, January 4, 2013

Mego's Eagle Force Goldie Hawk The Blond Bombardier

Eagle Force Goldie Hawk
Mego 1981 Die Cast Metal
The Blond Bombardier

This Gal came over from the awesome John (Jboy) over at Revenge from the Cosmic Ark !! The Eagle Force line of figures from Mego was a bit short lived but produced some nice figures. Goldie is
a METAL CHICK !! Who doesn't like METAL CHICKS !?!?!

Seriously, the figure is detailed well and the card art is fantastic. Her CAR-15 is small and fantastically detailed. The card art is awesome including her profile picture is stunning.

The back of the card has a short comic strip featuring Goldie. Its a nice touch as well as the bio for her gun. C'mon, weapon details ! Great !!
I don't have her out of the package but I can tell she is a bit top heavy :)
A big Thank You to John for this figure that is now hanging in the Museum ! Its a wonderful addition ! There's always room a Metal Chick with a gun !!


  1. I saw these in the store back in the day and PASSED....They were too small for my Joes and were metal. It wasn't my taste but hey...Glad you like em!

    1. That was a huge downfall of these figures, they didnt fit in with the others so unless you had a lot of em, play was lacking. They did make nice small Metal Golems for D&D play !

  2. Replies
    1. It's too bad Mego closed down after they put these guys out, there were some real cool figures that were never produced for the second series of this line !

  3. I also had some of these! I was just posting about a toy that could have uses a comic included, or as in this case ON the packaging. They did these right-

    1. The mini comic is a nice touch and looks really nice too. I agree, they got it right with these guys. With the DC packs you wrote about, they definately could've used something especially at that price point!

  4. How much was Goldie be worth out of the package