Thursday, February 7, 2013

You can take a bath with Darth Vader but it wil be a bit uncomfortable ....

In the early 80's, the Lucas/Star Wars merchandising machine was in FULL force. Omni Cosmetics was licensed to produce Bubble Bath and Shampoo in containers featuring the likenesses of the Star Wars characters. Of course, Darth Vader was one of the characters produced ....
The bottle is really detailed for a bubble bath bottle that was meant to be thrown away. The head is sculpted to a really close likeness of the Lord of the Sith. The problem is, he looks like he is freezing and has to pee !! Now, I know that his built in waste collection system takes care of that, but ....
Look at the way Vader had his cape pulled tight with his arms over his stomach. His legs are locked together. He looks like a woman at a rainy bus stop !

"Losers ahead"
Remember BTAS ??
Well, I can't complain too much. Its a bubble bath/shampoo bottle for God's sake. My little collection of bottles (Thanks Goodwill) looks nice on a shelf and I keep heat up for the Old Sith Lord.
I just turn Princess Leia around, Click Here to see why !!
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  1. Now that scene in Yoda's cave makes much more sense!

  2. Awesome collection of bubble stuff!

  3. How does Vader go to the bathroom in that outfit anyway? lol.

    1. Probably runs into his boots and a evaporator takes care of the rest. Thats why he's so STEAMED :)

      bu dum bum .... :)