Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fisher Price Little People Mom and her Bratty Little Kid !!!

From the Fisher Price line of Little People, its the Mom and Frowning Boy !! These two were in just about every ones pile o' little people. Who didn't have some version of the Woman and pissed off looking kid ? I had a ton of these "Little People". I love their wooden bodies and simple design. It's a perfect toy for children to explore simple life among their plastic (and wooden) friends.

Look at the "Lil Boy". What a little bratty sourpuss !! His wooden body dates him to the early 70's. His frowning visage makes him look like he's ready to throw a fit. Look at the baseball cap ! Ohhh, that cap .... I used to chew on the brim of that cap back when chewing on toys was fun :)

Mom must have a secret to be able to keep smiling ! Her plastic body dates her to the 80's and her happy demeanor is infectious !

The Postman shows up with a BIG smile on his face, some say he always rings twice .....

The Little People are such wonderful toys ! I love these guys and am currently trying to hoard as many as I can. The town playset and Sesame Street ...... what memories. I loved playing with the dentist chair and there was even a toilet ! Toys that have a place to take a crap, that's fun !!
If you want to read the Mailman's story CLICK HERE !!!


  1. Been on a huge Little People kick myself lately too. Currently been trying to find more in my forays to Goodwill to collect and trade.

    1. I hit the Little People bandwagon about a year ago when I snatched up some of em at my Mother's house that were just loose peices for my kids to play with. They dont care about them so I took em !! I've been tracking them down a lot lately. Im getting the Big Bird like the one you have as we speak :)

  2. I had some as a kid. But it is not something I would collect nowadays. Well maybe just the dog...

  3. I gotta get one of those little brats!