Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LJN Kamala WWF Wrestling Superstars

LJN released Kamala in it's fourth series of WWF Wrestling Superstars in 1987 and the toy world received one the best figures produced throughout this line !! Not only is he awesome !! Kamala is posed in one of the best ways to make him very versatile pulling off wrestling moves. He is one of the biggest figures of the line, in real life he is 6'7", so Kamala can be tested by the best of em!

He's huge and has paint apps all over ! Kamala certainly is one of the best looking figures in the Wrestling Superstars line.

Check out the Moon and Stars painted on his torso. Even his skirt has some detail.

Kamala even has his facial warpaint and beard ! LJN captured the realism with this guy !

Kamala was a fun figure to have ! A total wild card ! I would use him as a monster that would come in and destroy his opponents ! There was no handling him. Kamala would then turn civil and become a super technical wrestler that could vie for championships based on his skill ..... then freak out again ! You have to love a figure that can let you go all out while playing. If you had a Hogan, well, you had Hogan. But Kamala could be anything you wanted him to be. That's Fun !
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  1. Thumbs Up on this one! They did a fantastic job here it just looks great.

  2. I never had him as a kid. The LJN line was cancelled by the time this rolled out in my neck of the woods in addition to the fact that Kamala himself wasn't even on the roster anymore. I never saw him in action being that my first match was Jan 1987. Oh well...But I do have him now!

    1. You missed out he was a great figure to have, but at least you have him now !

  3. Always loved that figure!!! Good times we had my brother and I playing with those LJN figures!!!