Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If only Warrior Nun Areala had a CHAINSAW!!

For Chainsaw:

Badass girls ROCK!!

.....and Warrior Nun Areala fits the bill!! She's a nun with a Bad Habit !! (pun intended) but that is not the story here......

You see, my friends and I have an annual gift exchange called the 30$ challenge. Rules: you can spend 30 bux and get whatever you want for the others and the gifts have to rock!! They usually do :) In true Geek form there has been dice involved in picking, board gaming and even a certain Klingon weapon involved but that is another story....

This year I  got the version above but also.....

......THE GOLD VARIANT ! Oh, your not impressed? ITS SIGNED BY BEN DUNN!! Freakin awesome!! The bigger deal is that there was really alot of thought behind this gift and the backstory, which will remain a secret, is one I forgot until my friend reminded me. BTW, I rarely forget anything so it was a pleasant surprise and one I really appreciated. When I comes down to it, this figure will occupy a spot in my museum but when you can attach a meaningful story to it...well...thats really what this is all about:)

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