Monday, April 23, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers Weekly Theme: "When was Twelve...."

This weeks assignment...... "When I was 12......."

1985, this is the last year of my being a "kid"......cause in '86 I heard Metallica's Ride the Lightning and when Master of Puppets was released.... I turned into the little metal head that didn't care about toys anymore. (Although secretly I was playing with the Joes and LJN superstars in the shadows:)

I know this was a turning point because it was the last year I wanted all the GI Joe 3 3/4 figures but oddly I had no interest in the vehicles. Toys were becoming a waning interest. Dungeons and Dragons and Comics will be filling the void. Soon, music would engulf it all.......

The funny thing is was the break in my life that took me to that path of adolescence thats necessary in every boys life, but if not for that break, I wouldn't be here now. I wouldn't be doing a blog about toys as a well adjusted(?) adult. I wouldn't have a showcase of plastic surrounding my basement bar that my friends call the Museum. I wouldn't have my wife asking me "What did you buy now?" :p and  I wouldn't change it for the world. To quote Jean-Luc Picard:

"There are many parts of my youth that I'm not proud of.
 There were... loose threads - untidy parts of me that I would like to remove.
But when I pulled on one of those threads - it'd unravel the tapestry of my life."

"Make it so."

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