Friday, January 4, 2013

The Toymorrow GI Joe Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Toymorrow GI Joe Hall of Fame !!
I have an agenda for my collecting habits: to immortalize the origins of the 3 3/4 G.I. Joe line ! I will put together a "Hall of Fame" combining every original Joe and Cobra in both Straight and Swivel Arm versions.
Here is the GI Joe Hall of Fame wing of the Toymorrow Museum:
Under the Kramer painting it stands tall:


The First Inductee: Grunt
Swivel Arm, Straight Arm and Tan Falcon Glider as a bonus !!

The Second Inductee: Breaker

Swivel Arm and Straight Arm versions !!

The Third Inductee: Clutch

Swivel, Straight and TAN !!
The Fourth Inductee: Stalker

Swivel Arm and Straight Arm versions !!

The Fifth inductee: Grand Slam !!

 The Current State:
Grunt is complete. Breaker is complete. Clutch is complete. Stalker is complete. Grand Slam is complete.
Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Hawk, Rock n Roll, Steeler and Snake Eyes are in process !!


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