Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cobra's Crimson Guard, he'll do your taxes then do you in !!

Cobra's Crimson Guard, the Elite Troopers from 1985's fourth series of Hasbro's GI Joe line. They were the best of the best in the Cobra Organization. Each "Siegie" must hold a degree in either law or accounting and were under the command of Tomax and Xamot, the Crimson Guard Commanders, but completely loyal to the Cobra Commander. Many served as the Commander's personal guard but most served as deep undercover agents, with  complete undercover identities, even families. Most underwent plastic surgery to become part of a series of look a likes. The most popular is the Fred series.
Lets check out the figure:

Beautifully detailed, the Red uniform really gives him a royal appearance. The figure has alot of detail including medals and a great paint app on his arm.

Just a cool looking figure. He even has spurs on the back of his boots !

Watch out for the bayonet ! He not just for show !


The Siegies first appeared in Marvel issue #29. Unveiled by Cobra Commander as specialized deep undercover agents that will infiltrate the political infrastructure.

This is my best memory of the GI Joe Comics, and that saying alot cause I still read em to this day. Its the last page of issue 32 where Fred Broca is replaced by another siegie. His kids come running out to see their Daddy, but stop when they realize it's not him. The famous dialogue:

Kid: "Your not our Daddy."
Fred II: "I am now."

Fred VII is probably most infamous of the Guardsmen. He would pretend to be the Cobra Commander while in the battle armor. Later, after Cobra Commander returned and assumed control, he was buried in a freighter on Cobra Island and died.
I loved playing with the Crimson Guard. I wound up getting three or four of em and would use them as a crack entourage for Cobra Commander.
While alot of missions were going on, there would be a siegie among the background characters waiting to strike.


  1. I loved the comic series too. Thanks for posting those Fred pics! Wasn't Billy one of Fred's kids and not really Cobra Commander's son?

    1. No billy was the commanders son. Fred was such a big part of the marvel story I had to include him!

  2. They were great characters and fun action figures i loved them along with the Cobra Vipers and Alley-Vipers.

    1. Yes! The vipers are awesome! Cobra had really great characters and Larry hama marvel really made them come to life.