Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Voltron Line from Panosh Place and Matchbox

I was not the biggest Voltron fan back in the day. I mean....the cartoon had the most mundane format ever.....I did however want the big Voltron lion 5 pack (that will be a post for later) but other than that the line was not on my radar. My son is getting into Voltron hardcore now and I picked him up these guys and I "figured" I'd post em up before he completely destroys them :)

 What happens when a Ro-Beast ruins a Voltron photo op?
 An old fashioned robot beat down!
 Dairugger looks cool....

This version of Voltron is plastic. Cool and had decent detail.

Here's the Good Guys! Decent figures. I am missing the helmets, but from pictures I've seen they look a bit cheesy. They do come with lion keys but they are currently residing at work hanging at my desk.

Lotor and a Ro-Beast. Lotor is a nice figure, originally comes with a shield, but the Ro-Beast is a little out of scale.....I mean he IS supposed to fight the big robots and all....

Looks like the baddies are going to ruin another photo op!!

and Voltron saves the day.........

Nothing like a family photo.

My wife is a big Voltron fan so we are currently watching the Go-lion DVDs. They are far and away better than the cheesy US versions. More story and certainly more violence is always a better hook!


  1. Haven't seen it since I was a kid.

  2. Never was in to Voltron because we never had the cartoons where i lived at so it was a mysterious thing to me until years later.

    1. The toons are ok just predictable...check out go-lion,the Japanese version...much better.