Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dick and Jan, The Fisher Price Mountain Climbers....a Rugged Woman and a Manly Man!

Its Dick and Jan. The Fisher Price Mountain Climbers!! Produced in 1976 as part of the Adventure Series #351, this duo came packed as a set, but are so rugged they would just rip themselves right out of the package!

They come equipped with 2 knapsacks, 2 backpacks and a climbers rope. I am missing a backpack and a knapsack but they will be here soon.

This is Dick.

Now that's a manly figure. I heard even Chuck Norris leaves this figure alone.

This is Jan.

The only woman that can handle Dick.

Dick likes to watch his lady swing.

But as always happens when manly men are out with their ladies....
young punks want to prove themselves against the best.
"Hey, want to see how I handle my saber?"
"Put it away son....

.....before you get hurt."

"You see Jan. This is how you handle it. Slow and easy."

"Slow and easy."

"All this action is making me thirsty."
I'm not gonna stop him....

I had piles of Adventure People as a kid. I loved em! The figures and vehicles are great and really allowed for some adventurous play! Eventually the figures became cannon fodder and background characters for the Joes, but the accessories and vehicles fit perfect for the Joes.
Except Dick. Legend says he trained Alpine and Outback, but also the Range Vipers and Rock Vipers.
 Just to be Dick.


  1. Replies
    1. He does....maybe Chuck Norrs is soooo fierce, he could ony be contained by putting some of it in this plastic form......

  2. I thought they were the same size as the Joes...Hmm....I saw one here only once in Mexico. It was a black robot with a claw hand. He was LOSE! Very lose. I didn't spend the pesos on him. Oh well...Maybe in the future.

    1. Sounds like clawtron...I have him too. I'll try to post him soon you can see if its the same. and yeah they get pretty loose over time.

  3. Are they seriously named Dick and Jan? If that's the case I feel like they were maybe just barely skirting around some sort of copyright issues. That's amazing. And... I like the story you tell us here, but can't help but feel like there's something else... going on.

    These were a little bit after my time, and yet I still ended up with an Adventure People X-Ray Man somehow. The person who gave him to me (out of the package) told me he was a character from Black Hole (which I had never seen, and obviously neither had they) so a couple of years ago when I went to try and track a copy of the figure down for old times sake, I had a horrible time finding it. I didn't even know that Adventure People was a thing.

    1. Oh... but I figured it out through some creative Google searches, and now have one. The End.

    2. I use eBay a lot for research, then Google for the details.

    3. I had to look up the details of this line. I knew they were fisher price but not the rest. and yeah....those are the names. I didn't know I was playing Dick so much ad a child.....

  4. Used to have a few Adventure People has a young lad too and they were always great fun.

    1. They were fun in thier own right but were sturdy enough to incorporate them into gijoe play. These guys made great background characters and could take a bullet like the best of em!