Saturday, March 23, 2013

1983's Stalker the Swivel Arm Ranger Heading for the Hall of Fame !!!

In 1983, Hasbro re-released the original GI Joe figures and incorporated one of the greatest running changes ever into them, The Swivel Arm Battle Grip !! Stalker was included in that group of iconic figures that could now swivel at the bicep and also had slimmer torsos to relieve pressure off the O-Ring (but introduced the "Crotch Blowout" that the new waists were susceptible to). I still remember getting Stalker the first time: CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT.
My original Stalker suffered from "Cracked Thumb" syndrome and he was quickly replaced by a new, Swivel Arm version that stayed with the team until the end. Although I loved my straight arm version, the swivel arms made Stalker a force to be reckoned with !! Couple the fact that this is a frikin' awesome figure, with the poseability that the new feature brings, Stalker goes from a great figure to an Epic Figure.

I remember getting a new Swivel Arm Grunt to replace the broken one, and the extra backpack was quickly given over to Stalker. I thought then, and still do to this day, that a great injustice was appropriated upon Mr. Wilkinson by not including a backpack for him. Hasbro made up for it with other versions and Larry Hama gave his character a huge role in the Marvel comics, but he should have gotten a backpack.
The camouflage made him one of my favorite troops and being a Green Beret instantly made me think he was basically invincible. His file card says that he is a Field Medic so I involved him in that role a bit, but for some reason, maybe his camo, I used him as a sniper a lot too.

Decked out in Full Camo and Green Beret, Stalker and his trademark M-32 Submachine gun !!

This year I have an agenda for my collecting habits: to immortalize the origins of the 3 3/4 G.I. Joe line. I will put together a "Hall of Fame" combining every original Joe and Cobra in both Straight and Swivel Arm versions. Click the link at the top bar to see the current state !
The newest inductee into the Toymorrow GI Joe Hall of Fame: Stalker !

Stalker, in both the Straight and Swivel Arm versions occupy an area of the Hall of Fame as the newest complete inductee !
To view the Current State of the Hall of Fame and see the other inductees CLICK HERE.
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  1. I loved the original joes but I think when series 2 came out with more specific figures is when I really got into them. Snow Job etc.

    1. True, it was nice to get specialists. The first line got replaced pretty quick too ....

  2. First ballot HOFer for sure!Congrats Sarge ;)Although i think there's another sgt. out there that deserves HOF consideration as well ;)

    1. Don't worry, the whole first line will get in there !

  3. Replies
    1. Stalker is one of the first line that endured for a lot of people !!