Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Next Version of Clutch is a Swivelin Kinda Guy !!

In 1983, when the second series of figures was released by Hasbro for the GI Joe line, we got one of the greatest running changes ever, the Swivel Arm Battle grip ! The first wave of figures was re-released and the line had a slight variation to the original figures. Driving the "VAMP" (Vehicle.Attack.Multi Purpose) is Clutch v1.5.

The variation version (v1.5) has the new swivel Arms that not only bend at the elbows, but the biceps swivel making the figure infinitely more poseable. Also, the torso was changed to a thinner version that puts less stress on the O-ring, but does add to the possibility of the "Broken Crotch Syndrome" that can plague these figures. I only had the Straight Arm version as a kid, so how can I determine which version is the best ? COMBAT !!
Clutch v1.5 strikes a Boxing pose while v1 Clutch takes a Tae Kwon Do stance ..... who will prevail !?!?!
It's been a Clutch o Rama around here lately ...
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