Monday, March 4, 2013

GI Joe Clutch gets a Tan and The Battle of the Clutches has a Suprising Ending !!

In 1984, when the third series of vehicles were released by Hasbro for the GI Joe line, Hasbro decided that the VAMP needed a makeover! Driving the VAMP Mark II (Vehicle.Attack.Multi Purpose) is Version 2; "Tan" Clutch .

The second version (v2) has the new swivel Arms that not only bend at the elbows, but the biceps swivel making the figure infinitely more poseable. Also, the torso was changed to a thinner version that puts less stress on the O-ring, but does add to the possibility of the "Broken Crotch Syndrome" that can plague these figures. This version is molded and painted in the Tan and Brown colors  to match the new VAMP Mark II vehicle.
That brings us back to the battle ....
Tan Clutch jumps in to victory !!
He is an improvement on the original after all ......
It's been a Clutch o Rama around here lately ...
Version 1 Straight Arm Clutch was reviewed: READ ABOUT IT HERE !!
Version 1.5 Swivel Arm Clutch was reviewed: READ ABOUT IT HERE !!!
Thats a lot of Clutchin !!


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    1. I only had the original VAMP and played the heck out of it, but that VAMP Mark II is awesome !!