Monday, March 25, 2013

Jones of Lanard's The CORPS ! makes a few corpses !!

His name is Jones. He is a member of the Lanard CORPS ! figure line.

John over at Revenge from the Cosmic Ark sent me a package of goodies (Thanks John !) and one of the figures packed in there was a curious little gem that instantly caught my attention.

This guy !!

Apparently, in Lanard's The Corps! timeline: his name is Jones, he is a "counter espionage and covert mission specialist. He is the Head of Mission Intelligence Services and a Professor of Archeology and History." (Thanks !) Since I'm not in to the obvious Indiana Jones rip off, I'll call him Dr. Calm, he is a Ranger, served as a LRRP Back Door gunner in Vietnam. The CIA recruited him after the war and he was sent to achieve degrees in Engineering, Psychology and History. He studied intensively at the highest levels of unarmed combat and espionage.
He doesn't like noise.
Unfortunately for a few rowdy monsters that were included in the package, they found that out the hard way ....

Did I mention he doesn't like noise .....
Anyway, I outfitted him with a backpack and an M-60. He looks ready for action now !!

Special thanks to John, I really dig this guy ! It was a lot of fun to research his story, and then be a bit shocked that Lanard REALLY ripped of ROTLA to make this guy. I like him, he reminds me of Pre GI Joe Snake Eyes, ('Nam era, Before the accident - I guess I kinda ripped off that story to build my profile on him). It's alot of fun to get somehting new and kinda roll with it !
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