Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mego Kirk ...... is the SHAT

Yep! There he is....THE SHAT !! In Mego form.

DAMN ! The man himself.

Even in plastic he just oozes cool.....

I gotta admit, I was young when I first watched Star Trek and I didn't get it. The action,space...all the stuff that would entertain me I got, but the story...not so much, a bit over my head. The one thing I knew was that THIS GUY WAS THE MAN !! (BTW thats my beer on my Keg o rator in the background) If I had a little sister he'd be over there bangin Barbie. Maybe even paint her green on Freaky Deaky Night :)

I've had this Figure since I was a very little boy and to this day I still think Kirk is the man. He is cool, collected, a leader and makes all the women on his ship wear short shorts.....

Here's to you James Tiberius Kirk ..... your the Man!!

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