Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cobra Viper !! The coolest grunt figure since the Stormtrooper !!

In 1986, Hasbro produced arguably the best "faceless" grunt troop since the Stormtrooper. GI Joe's Cobra Viper is AWESOME!! C'mon...who wouldn't want one?

No.......what about 2?

 C'mon ....... 3?

.............4 ?

Scaarrry!! But it just takes one to get ya !!!!

This figure is just cool ! Awesome look! Cool accessories ! Whats not to like!?!?

I always liked this figure. I was getting out of Joes when he was released but I do remember trying to get one, but never did 'til later as an adult. I remember having like 10 Stormtroopers as a kid and that how I feel about this guy! There's something appealing about this figure that I just want a bunch and have them rip the Joes apart !!

I just think I'll keep buying them up until I have a small army !


  1. Great army builders! My second favorite Cobra troopers next to the Cobra B.A.T.s

    1. There's something about his figure that I love! I actually never, and still do not, have a B.A.T but I think one is gonna creep into my colection soon!!I always wanted one to EBAY !!