Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is one of my favorites....

From 1980 its the Kidco Burnin Key Cars : Corvette!!

I've always loved this one. It looks cool, comes with its own key (what kid didn't like the idea of havin his own set of keys) and it wasn't a wind up or a pull back. NO. You put the key in the back, which loads the spring against the key, the small tab on the bottom of the key acts as a detent, when you squeeze the key (which didn't take much) BOOM ....... it flies off that key like lightning!

Now your probably thinkin ..... it goes a few feet....meh. NO. This thing takes off like a rocket! Coincidentally, if you point it up in the air it will rocket about 4 feet up:) Just tried it and my wife is laughin cause I almost dropped it :p hehehe mine still works preeetty well.!!

The date on it is 1980 and I have to believe I got it in 80 or 81, meaning I've had this little car for over 30 years ( I just did the math and still cant believe Im soooo old) and it still feels great to put that key in and let her fly. Some things are worth holding on to !


  1. Wow!
    I used to own these!!!!
    I had totally forgotten about it.

    1. I still play with mine! Rockets off that key like crazy....