Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ECW Shane Douglas "The Franchise" !! OSFTM

Back in the day there was a small wrestling enterprise that grew out of the heart of Philadelphia. Extreme Championship Wrestling, ECW, turned the wrestling world on its ear, put Hardcore in the lexicon for wrestling Geeks worldwide !! The revolution was led by this man - "The Franchise" Shane Douglas.

ECW was founded in 1992, but the extreme movement was founded in 1994 when Shane Douglas threw down the NWA title in "The Night the Line was Crossed" and proclaimed himself the ECW World Heavyweight Champion !! For me, ECW was it. Even trekked out to ECW arena in the bowels of Philly in the mid 90s for a wrestlecon, but I got to meet this Guy :

Sorry for the bad picture but I haven't had the film turned digital yet:(

Old San Francisco Toy Company had the rights to produce action figures for ECW and we got :


These are some well made and articulate figures!
Some good detail on his Triple Threat tattoo:

Holds the belt over his shoulder like all the cool champions do!

If your an old school wrestling fan or even a new one....go back and relive this historic time in wrestling history. ECW was epic ! The innovators of all that has been seen in wrestling for the last 20 years ! Even though wrestling for me now is unwatchable (except for Lucha or Japanese), I proudly state that ECW is above the curve still today. The figures that were produced to go along are a great artifact of a great time in wrestling history !

Thanks for the Memories Mr. Douglas !! ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!

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