Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10,111 Giveaway RESULTS!!!!

I told you the number 111 follows me everywhere!! When I logged on tonight: at 9:50PM EST Wednesday August 15, 2012....who do you think was the 10,111th page view?

IT WAS ME!! I was actually the page view I called out for the giveaway!! That's pretty weird....

Anyway..... on to the WINNERS!!!

There were 6 entrants to the mix:

Hobgoblin238 of Monster Cafe Saltillo Fame!!!
jboypacman of Revenge from the Cosmic Ark Fame!
Dan of Of Flying Monkeys and Ewoks oh my fame!!!
The Goodwill Geek of Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks fame!!!!
Corey Ouelette-Smith who is just Famous!!
Dex of AEIOU...and sometimes why fame!!

Check out their awesome blogs at the sidebar!!

and how to pick the winner?!?!

How else? I have a 30 sided die. 6/30=5. Assigned each contestant a 5 number group in the order they entered. Roll the die...

and the winners.....

1st place : THE GOODWILL GEEK!!! and since he only wanted the D&D stuff and Batman....

The rest of the loot goes to..........

jboypacman!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya came in second but wound up with a bigger hoard :)

If these 2 gentlemen would kindly send me their addresses either through google or to my email:
I will ship the winnings as soon as possible!

And now thanks go out to those who participated, but also to everyone who has given me the pleasure of wonderful dialog over the few months I have been doing this! Also to everyone who has read this blog but didn't feel like commenting and even the ones who thought I makes it all that much more fun:)

Like the SETI program I sought out other life forms like me. I have found out I am not alone.



  1. Actually I am not on your blogroll to the right. It´s a conspiracy I tells ya! I demand a recount!

    1. Many apologies....I look at everyones profile that follows me and if they have a blog listed I put it in. Maybe all the monsters scared me :)

  2. Woot! I won! Sweet i will be sending over my address shortly. : )

  3. Yeaaaah!!! I sent my e-mail out last night... Just getting the chance to comment this morning.

    I AM SO STOKED!!! With all the $#!+ hitting all the fans for me lately, I really needed a win Michael, thanks so much! I can't wait to get my hands on those goodies!

    1. Got the email and will send it out shortly!! No need to thank me, I should be thanking you and everyone else who make this fun for me!!

  4. Congrats. I shall sit with my Ewoks and wait for the golden god to come. Just kidding. Way to go guys. And thank u Michaell for sharing your geekness with us.


    1. No need to thank me, thank you for reading and commenting!!

  5. Congrats to the winners! And thanks for having the contest!