Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinball and Arcade games out in the wild !!!! Frogger, Elvis, Big Buck, Ms. Pac Man, Galaga and more!!

This weeks vacation travels took me to Lancaster Lanes out in Lancaster NY for some bumper bowling for Jr and some old people throwing a ball down the lane erratically for me and the Mrs. Inside I was able to capture some arcade games and pinball in their natural habitat!!

First up is the 2004 Elvis Pinball by Stern. This was a fun game to play! Multi ball, lots o Elvis tuneage.... a great playing machine !!

Next up is the 2001 High Roller Casino pinball machine by Stern. OK play. Only played once and didn't fair well :(

Here is an awesome cabinet! A mini game center with Ms. Pac Man, Frogger and Galaga!! This is where most of our quarters went as my son loves all these games !! It was pretty dark over in this area and I couldn't get any good pictures of the cabinet :(

Didn't play the 2003 Sega Eighteen Wheeler but it looked pretty frikin cool!

or didn't play the Big Buck Open Season...the one that got away .......

Well, you never know what you can see out in the wild!


  1. Nothing beats playing the real thing! And it's getting harder and harder to find machines like this. Great pics, sounds like you had a ton of fun!

    1. You are absolutely right!! You just dont get the same feel that you get from a stand alone cabinet! Like the mini game center...playing Galaga with the darkness that surrounds the screen just draws you in...and yes, it was alot of fun!!

  2. Pinball and Pac-Man! Now you are talking! My favorites as a old "Arcade Junkie".

    1. ..and its really cool to go back in time and play these games out there! You can play all you want on your TV but its just not the same as on a big black cabinet in the back of the bowling alley bar!