Sunday, August 12, 2012

10,111 Pageview Giveaway!! Free Stuff!!!

I can hardly believe that I started this blog in April and I have already gotten near 10K pageviews!! I've had a ball posting my thoughts and interacting with everyone out in the Blogosphere I've had the privilege to meet, so..... I'd like to give some stuff away!! I was gonna do it at 10,000 but since the number 111 follows me everywhere (seriously clocks, dollar amounts, all kinds of things..) I've decided to personalize it. SO.... here's the grub!!!

Dungeons and Dragons, comics, GI Joe, Star Wars, Hot Wheels....and anything else I may throw in. Anyway at whenthe counter at the side hits 10,111 Pageviews I'll pick two people, split the loot and send out the grub. If you want in here's what you do:
1. Follow me at the side bar so I know your not a spammer
2. Just respond to this post letting me know your in.

Easy peasy. And I don't have many followers so the odds are good you'll win! If there is no interest, then I'll pack it back into the Museum storage and wait til I get some grub you all want!!


  1. Ill pass but congratulations! Ill be hitting 10k soon myself .

  2. Congrats and am in my friend! How can i resist the lure of free stuff plus there is G.I. Joes in there. : )

  3. No prob Brother catch ya next time! Only three so far..... you guys have some pretty good odds :) and just because John wants GI JOE I'm gonna throw more Joes into the mix!!

  4. I am literally just drooling over the classic D&D stuff and Batman. If I win, you can keep all the rest and give it to another follower. What a sweet haul. I love the blog by the way, check it out on a regular basis.

    1. Your in!! and Thanks!! I like yours too and added you to the list --->

  5. Corey Ouellette-SmithAugust 14, 2012 at 5:47 AM

    I am in and pumped. Awesome site.

  6. Free? I'd buy that for a dollar! I'm in.