Friday, August 24, 2012

Golobulus vs. Discobolus UFC 151 Cancelled but this fight will rage ON!!

UFC 151 was scheduled for September 1st, it was cancelled, but I will bring you a match to span CENTURIES!!!! These two figures of art have been itchin to get it on for some time now. Which is the REAL piece of ART!?!?! Lets find out.....

Here we have Golobulus:

Ruler of Cobra-La.
Mostly made of Bio-Technological replacement pats.
His original Brain and Central Nervous system is all that remains of him.
He leaves no Carbon Footprint.

This is Discobolus.
He is made of Marble, but originally was Bronze.
Created by Grecian sculptor Myron.
He was once owned by Adolf Hitler.

Golobulus has a tail.

Discobolus has no tail.

Golobulus has a torso covered with  a hard, chitinous armor, similar to that of crustaceans.

Discobolus has softer features.

Golobulus has a face that only Burgess Meredith could voice.

Discobolus speaks to your soul.
This is truly a tough one. One is a plastic representation of a character reviled by most fans of GI Joe and whom Larry Hama refused to write into the RAH continuity. The other is a priceless work of art from the Severe period of Greek sculpture, a copy of which resides in Jim's fish tank. Which one is the true piece of art? Which one is just a piece of ?!$%?
I've made my conclusion.
What is yours?


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    1. 1111 keeps following me...... check out the time :)

    2. Okay I fully admit that's kind of weird.

    3. I keep playing the numbers in the Lottery but I'm still waiting.....

  2. Discobolus is the sh*tt*est piece of sh*t ever to be sh*t out onto this earth... but only when compared to Golobulus that is. On his own, he's actually quite nice.

    What kind of stupid name is Dicobolus anyway... asks Golobulus.

    (Censored a bit for content)

    1. I believe that Discobolus name is of Greek origin but I'm just being a jerk ;) I believe we have a vote for Golobulus here...and no censoring!! Theres a wang in the pictures up there!! We are beyond the censors out here!!!

  3. I will not dignify someone who suggests a lazy half snake figure has any merit.

    1. ...but by responding, you have, grasshopper........If I give you Golobulus, would you put it in the fishtank?