Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding a Time Capsule while playing C64 Test Drive

As I posted before in my post about my commodore 64 experience - Reliving the C64 Experience ; I wrote that one of the first games my cousin and I played was Test Drive. Like most C64 games it starts with a memorable tune that drops you back in time. (I'm gonna make a playlist and post em later after I figure out how to use my new device that can record anything to my laptop)

Pick a fast ride!!

Decent graphics and good play...even a Rearview MIRROR!!

Pass those cars at HIGH Speed!!

BOOM! Rear end collision!! Gonna have to call the collision shop!

NUTS! Pedal to the metal!! Its the FUZZ!!!

Ahhhh...the surprise. 

It didn't even occur to me that 20 something year old high scores would be preserved in the Floppy's data. Of course none of em are mine, they are of my cousin and his friend (I wasn't that good at the game) but the fact that we not only relived a game that we played as pre teenagers, we realized the fact that all the high scores, start up screens and cracked by graphics we made are all there, preserved for us to see once again. I have kept these games and cared for em for almost 25 years and the payoff of all these memories are absolutely priceless.

But I'll copy all the memories for a million bux!! ;)


  1. Don't believe I ever played it. But aren't those graphics just a thing of beauty? Really takes me back.

    1. Im having alot of fun playing these again, there are so many memories locked up in those old floppys. The graphics arent perfect but they are beautiful.