Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fisher Price Clawtron, the Enemy of the Adventure People

Here we have Clawtron from the Fisher Price Adventure People line of toys, series #380. This guy was packed on a single card and was also released as a three pack. I cannot really put a date on this guy, but it looks like Fisher Price's attempt to get a Darth Vader like figure in their line. If it came out before Star Wars....they were ahead of the curve! This figure came single packed but I honestly would have thought they would have packed him with a spaceship. From what I have seen FP did have a spacehip in the line....they could have painted it black and you have yourself a set!

Lets check em out!!

Its a pretty cool figure. A bit out there compared to the rest of the line. Cool detail. My chest apps are worn off but originally it had alot going on there.

Cool claws for hands. With a name like Clawtron you kinda "figure" that out though...

Here he is mimicking Tort Elvis of Dread Zeppelin...
"Doin the claw....Doin the claw...."

Really nice paint apps along the sides add alot of detail.

I had a ton of Adventure People way back in the day but never had Clawtron til now. I wish I had em though. He would have fit well with all the Star Wars figures. Maybe an apprentice of Vader's.....

anyway....Hobby. Is this the figure you mentioned in my last < dick-and-jan-fisher-price > Fisher Price post?


  1. Thatg is the one! Could have gotten him at the flea market but he was all floppy loose. I passed.

    1. Yeah, fisher price figures do have a tendency to get pretty floppy.

  2. I remember this one and a clear robot one i think Reis has in hios collection of things.

    1. I didn't know there was a "far out" side to the adventure people. I like it and wish I had them back in the day....I wouldve found a place for em!

  3. My all time favourite action figure!

    As a kid, he was the strongest!!!
    Sadly lost the figure but found one sealed and perfect condition on Ebay for next to nothing!!!

    Cool blog you have, added it to our list!!!

    1. Thanks and I've aded yours too! Ebay is great....where else can you reclaim lost childhood treasures while sitting in your easy chair :)