Saturday, June 16, 2012

The coolest GIJOE figure ever produced 1990's BULLHORN!!! or is he....

YEP, I said it! In 1990 Hasbro deemed us worthy to give us the best figure you could ever own. Bullhorn!

I know what your thinking......

Kinda lame...

has a gas mask...kinda cool....may benefit other figures...

but his function is to YELL AT YOU!!! so what.....its my gym teacher?!?!?

whats that case he comes with ??

what the?!?!?
is that??!?!?!?

IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is. This lame ass comes with a briefcase that hides a frikin sniper rifle that can be assembled and disassembled!!! His regular rifle is so lame that I chucked it cause I have it around all the "cool" rifles. But seriously the case and rifle is so cool that it makes owning a Bullhorn worth it. Just have him leave the case for safekeeping and kill em off!! Looks better on his guy anyway :)


  1. That's cool and it's nice to see Chuckles getting a cameo here too. : D

    1. Everyone hates on Chuckles....I think he's a holster for the sidearm!!!

  2. dude this is hilarious, the theme of this article would be the exact same if I would have written it. I was googling the sniper rifle backpack after having a wave of nostalgia from my childhood and found this page. well done sir

    1. Thank you! If it wasn't for the backpack/sniper rifle, Bullhorn might as well join Cobra! Chuckles looks better with the case anyway....