Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dynamite Comics Bionic Man by Kevin Smith PICK THIS UP!!!

When I heard about Dynamite comics Bionic Man I was intrigued. When I heard its based off Kevin Smith's unreleased 6 Million Dollar Man screenplay I was interested. After reading the first 9 comics....I'M HOOKED!!

Bionic Man Kevin Smith 9

That's the cover of the newest release!

Bionic Man Kevin Smith 9

Awesome art !!

Bionic Man Kevin Smith 9

Its not the OLD Bionic Man !! (Yes he rips off his finger to hit a switch :)

Kevin Smith's reboot of the 6 Million Dollar Man is well worth it. I don't want  to spoil the story but it is well written, has wonderful art and engaging character development. The dialogue is sharp and the pacing is quick !!

Steve Austin is written as a man created as a cyborg against his will and the story explores his spite against it! He has a really interesting villain and the pieces of the story fit together well!

If you are interested in a good new comic and want to read a  6 Million Dollar Man story the way it should have been written then pick this up it wont disappoint !!


  1. I've been following it since the start and it is a really good series. Bionic Woman has been decent so far as well.

  2. Haven't picked up bionic woman yet but I plan on it. I'm sure there will alot of crossovers !!

  3. I didn't even know they were making comic books of this how cool.

    1. You wont be disappointed if you pick this comic up!! Dynamite comics and IDW are doing some good things!