Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New James Bond News, a nod to history, Watch the Skyfall trailer !!

The movie news keeps a rollin this week, The new James Bond movie "SkyFall" is givin a nod to the franchise's history and will have a exact replica of Sean Connery's  Aston Martin DB5 !! It even has the same licence plate !! Head over to (follow the link) for the whole story !!

I really love this franchise and Daniel Craig is the best Bond of em all. Little things like this go along way to reinforce the fact that they are doing an outstanding job of creating a persona for Bond that isn't the one dimensional characters from before. Connery's Bond was great but limited cause of the time it was made. All the rest sucked. Now, Craig has transcended the role. He is perfect or it!

Now watch the trailer and get goosebumps !!

Trailer embedded from Yahoo! Movies follow the link above to see the entire report!!

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