Friday, June 1, 2012

Beast King GOLION !! Original VOLTRON !!!!

Tonight my wife (who is a big Voltron fan) and I are watching Beast King GOLION !! In all its glory !! This is the Lion Voltron....except the Original Japanese  version subtitled.

Golion voltron

WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! The story is roughly the same as the American version but with all of its original content in it makes a great deal more sense. Not to mention the violence, swearing and gore !!

Golion voltron

I'll start with the cons: Different theme song but its still pretty good!

Pros: EVERYTHING!! If you watched this as a kid and thought you were only being told half the story you will love this !!

Seriously, if you are a fan of Voltron pick these up and watch, the difference is amazing. Alot of the story makes more sense and there is a great deal more content that is missed in the American Version. You can really tell the dumbed it down for the American children to watch but this original version is definitely more adult content and certainly a better story!


Golion voltron


  1. My buddy Chad has these and he also made the comment on how much more violent this version is.

    1. I would say that the violence is just not covered up. People die, get hurt, the fight scenes are more detailed. It actually helps the story cause it doesnt come off as corny.